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Step 1

- Call our Client Services Centre or go to one of our regional offices or retail stores.

- Call centre number: 086 1000 542 | 087 378 1159

- Claims fax number: 086 5222 123

- Find your nearest KGA regional office or retail store.

Step 2

Hand in certified copies of the following:

  • A death certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs;

  • The beneficiary’s ID document;

  • The beneficiary stamped bank statement;

  • A police report (only if death is due to unnatural causes).

Step 3

Banking details to which the claim pay-out should be deposited into must be supplied.

- Hand in bank statements to confirm banking details of the beneficiary’s bank account
  into which the claim must be paid.

- Documents can be emailed to

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been rubber-stamped and signed by a Commission of Oaths to say that the photocopy is an exact copy of the original and has not been changed in any way. A Commissioner of Oaths is someone who is registered with the government to ‘certify’ documents.

Where can I certify my documents?

  • At all police stations

  • Most lawyers

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